Welcome To Our Privacy Policy Page! When You Use Our Web Site For Online Test, You Trust Us With Your Information. This Privacy Policy Is Meant To Help You Understand What Data We Collect, Why We Collect It, And What We Do With It. When you Share Information With Us, We Can Make Our Services Even Better For You. For Instance, We Can Show You More Relevant Search Results And Help You For Your Educational Information. We Want You To Be Clear How We’re Using Information And The Ways In Which You Can Protect Your Privacy. This Is Important; We Hope You Will Take Time To Read It Carefully. Remember, You Can Find Controls To Manage Your Information And Protect Your Privacy And Security. We’ve Tried To Keep It As Simple As Possible.



Our Web Site Uses The Data We Collect For Three Basic Purposes: To Operate Our Business And Provide (Including Improving And Personalizing) The Services We Offer, To Send Communications, Including Promotional Communications, And To Display Advertising. In Carrying Out These Purposes, We Combine Data We Collect Through The Various Web Site Services You Use To Give You A More Seamless, Consistent And Personalized Experience. However, To Enhance Privacy, We Have Built In Technological And Procedural Safeguards Designed To Prevent Certain data Combinations. Also We Use Your Database base to Guide you for your Admission Process Also We Will Arrange Calls/SMS/WhatsApp From Colleges/Institutions And We Will Send You Information About Exams/Institutions And Our Website Up-gradation.